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7 sweet moments between father and daughter

Growing up in a single-parent household is an experience. It has a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The struggles are familiar to Kōhei Inuzuka. Inuzuka-san has to raise his daughter, Tsumugi-chan, after the loss of his wife. He immensely struggled with providing Tsumugi-chan with proper meals. An encounter with his student, Kotori Iida, leads him to cook. Inuzuka-san learns that there is more to cooking than just preparing meals.



Learning something new or old is a part of cooking. A cooking neophyte, Inuzuka-san realizes that each recipe has a unique touch. This uniqueness makes each meal a different experience. A recipe can be simple or complex, and who will eat dramatically matters.



Getting to know a person is also a part of cooking. Inuzuka-san was able to discover Tsumugi-chan’s eating habits, food likes, and dislikes with each meal. Here goes the saying that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Tsumugi-chan gets to see her father’s love and dedication thru his cooking.



There is fun in cooking. Inuzuka-san and Tsumigi-chan take on cooking as a shared adventure. They both get themselves involved with meals from start to finish. Each meal gets more delicious as they spend time together. Thanks to the joint effort that makes it more memorable and meaningful.



Bonding comes hand-in-hand with cooking. There seems to be a party each time Inuzuka -san, Iida-san, and Tsugumi-chan get together. There are ups and downs in cooking from scratch. The moments spent with loved ones while cooking amplifies the flavours of each food.


Amaama to Inazuma

Episodes: 12

Run: 2016 (Summer)

Writer: Mitsutaka Hirota

Director: Taoru Iwasaki

Studio: TMS/3xCube

English: Crunchyroll


Volumes: 12

Written By: Gido Amagakure

Publication: 2018 (Summer)

Publisher: Kodansha

English: Kodansha USA




The warmth of the kitchen is the warmth of the home. Relationships within the family are synonymous with a well-used home kitchen. Inuzuka-san and Tsumugi-chan show us that having a sit-down meal together is essential in a relationship. Meals shared offers us the opportunity to nurture our relationships.



Giving thanks is critical in cooking. According to Iida-san, we give thanks by choosing, picking, and handling our food correctly. Each careful measure in preparing a meal is an act of appreciation towards the persons eating them.



Cooking is vital in keeping relationships intact. Inuzuka-san reveals to us that a simple meal is powerful enough to evoke emotions. A meal is also a source of strength and comfort. It is a marvel how a bowl of porridge reinforces a person’s will to get better when unwell.

There are tears, laughter, spiciness, and sweetness when cooking. Inuzuka-san and Tsumugi-chan invite you to a cooking escapade. Join them in Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning) and be inspired by cooking for and with love.


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