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7 reasons not to anger Mob-kun

A middle school boy, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, has a low-key presence. He is a background character who is unassuming and quiet. He also keeps a secret. Mob-kun is a powerful Esper. His psychic power is so great that he always needs to keep his emotions at bay to prevent losing control. Mob-kun works part-time as an assistant to a self-proclaimed psychic, Reigen Arataka. He wants to learn controlling his abilities from Reigen-san.

Mob-kun desires a peaceful day-to-day life. However, trouble keeps coming, and little-by-little, he reaches his limit. Here are valid reasons not to anger Mob-kun:


Fake It Until You Make It

There are several instances wherein Reigen-san exposes himself as a fraud psychic. We learn from Reigen-san that “trying to fake your way to success seems dubious at best and delusional at worst. And yet, there is plenty of science that proves you can fool yourself and others into becoming more successful, finding love, and increasing your happiness (McCorquodale, 2016).” Mob-kun is kind and patient with his superior and teacher. Never take advantage of his kindness. He knows deep inside that Reigen-san is a decent person.


Loyalty Runs Deep

Mob-kun’s daily encounter involves ghosts, delinquents, honour students, average persons, and peculiar characters. He decides to look at the positive trait in a person or thing, regardless of the encounter being good or evil. Mob-kun gains a following both desirable and not. He is there through thick and thin. No one wants to abandon or betray a friend like him. A loyal person like Mob-kun deserves honesty.


Revenge Brings Bad Karma

History bears witness to many people bringing harm too many to become powerful. Mob-kun does not aspire to become the world’s most powerful psychic. Yet some come after him again and again. They end up causing inconvenience, trouble, hurt, and pain. The truth is they do not need Mob-kun or anyone else to prove their worth. With no other choice, he teaches them an unforgettable lesson(s).


Bond of Brotherhood

Mob-kun learns that jealousy is dangerous. It can create a wedge between brothers. It can also break the bond between the closest of friends. Mob-kun realizes that sometimes we have to let go to make others grow. He finds that keeping emotions in check can cause misunderstandings. His younger brother, Ritsu, always felt inferior against Mob-kun. Ritsu witnesses Mob’s daily struggle to keep his feelings in control. It dawns to Ritsu that he and his brother may not be that different at all. Mob-kun, as the older brother, will always look after Ritsu.

Episode: 25

Run: 2016 (Summer)

Written By: Hiroshi Seko

Directed By: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Studio: Bones

English: Crunchyroll

OVA: 2 (2018, 2019)


Volumes: 16

Written By: One

Publication: 2012 (Spring)

Publisher: Shogakukan

English: Dark Horse Comics

Spin-Off: REIGEN (2018)


Episode: 12

Run: 2017 (Winter)

Written By:

Reiko Yoshida

Kei Kunii

Directed By: Kōichi Sakamoto

Studio: TV Tokyo

English: Netflix



Dreams, Desires, and Aspirations

We have dreams, desires, and aspirations. Some of us want lots and many, while others only need enough or less. Mob-kun dreams of the ordinary and desires a quiet everyday life. He aspires to be a better and more robust version of himself. There is nothing wrong with such. Never should we laugh at other’s dreams, desires, and aspirations. You do not want others to demean yours. Mob-kun knows that it is cruel to belittle someone. Fortune also reverses; what comes around goes around.  


Patience is a Virtue

Mob-kun displays the ability to wait for something without frustration. He has a favourable skill and a pleasing personality. Mob-kun can tolerate something for a long time. However, that does not allow someone to take him for granted. Many tested Mob-kun’s patience. A few of them succeed and paid dearly. When someone is patient, do not try or take them for granted. Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things (Oke, 2020).


A Quiet Person’s Exploding Anger

They say to be wary when a quiet person gets angry. Their anger can be explosive. Mob-kun has always held it in. When he lets go, everything explodes. Things are then never the same anymore for people do change when they are angry. Mob-kun does not want to hurt anyone. However, there are times when it is enough. Anger is a process. Mob-kun continuously evaluates himself. Like him, quiet people do talk less, and they do listen more. If one offends a calm person, the offensive is severe, and there could be grave consequences.

There are three types of people: those that are quick to anger; ones that may take a while; and those who never get angry at all. If you want to discover how to keep emotions in check or otherwise, do feel free to join Mob-kun in his Mobu Saiko Hyaku [Mob Psycho 100] journey.


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