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7 advantages of having a dragon maid

Kobayashi Kamui is 25-years old, female, computer programmer. Kobayashi-san lives a mundane city-office worker life. A kind-hearted, calm under pressure, level-headed, and pragmatic with not much going on. Until one day, a dragon, named Tohru, suddenly appoints herself as Kobayashi-san’s maid.

Kobayashi-san and Tohru began spending their days as mistress and maid. Kobayashi-san, who was reluctant at first, discovered that there are advantages in having a dragon maid.


Anti-Theft System.

Tohru, on the first day of watching the apartment, managed to defend it from two burglars. A system in a complete bundle with maid services. It makes it low cost yet super useful so no need to install a costly surveillance system.


Cuteness Overload.

You get to meet other dragons, and “moe” characters [moe in Japanese refers to intense feelings of affection towards a character(s)]. Say hello to Kanna, Elma, Lucoa, Fafnir, Takiya, Riko, Georgie, and Shouta!!!


Extreme Games.

You get to travel to different places and see extreme (nonsensical) games. Flying on a dragon and going between places or worlds beats the pointless games they play. The maid can prepare your snacks and drink. You can relax while they play rough.


Great Food and Drink.

Dragons have an impeccable sense of taste. Rest assured that with a dragon maid, you will enjoy great-tasting food and drinks. You get fortunate and have an unlimited supply of dragon’s tail meat.




13 Episodes


2017 (Winter)

Yuka Yamada

Yasuhiro Takemoto

Kyoto Animation





2016 (Winter)

Mitsuhiro Kimura


Seven Seas Entertainment



Dragons are sociable creatures. You are guaranteed to have a bigger circle of friends. Kobayashi-san discovered that dragons like to play together. As a result, you get to know others and their dragons too.


Magical Creatures.

There is no doubt about it that dragons are magical creatures. When the opportunity arises, other magical creatures make themselves known too. Like Kobayashi-san and Makoto-san, you need not fear. Because you have a dragon by your side.



Kobayashi-san was fine by herself. Then, Tohru and Kanna came. They shared warmth, laughter, and many memories. They spent holidays, Christmas and New Year together. You will find dragons are similar to those whom we open our doors. They make themselves comfortable in your house. In return, they make your house into a home.

A dragon maid is a fantastic feat. If you got time to indulge in the services of a dragon maid, check out Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid [Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon].

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